Thursday, 15 December 2011

Bohermeen in Frosty times

As enter the season of Good Will and the season of the annual visit of Santy.
We expect to see more of the winter humour and regular chat  about nothing but the weather,but in Bohermeen we ignore the weather and get on with the usual chores of life school work eat and sleep.
Activities are winding down for the 35 different organisation within the parish of the  Bohermeen Pale including the areas of Bohermeen,Boyerstown and Cortown .35 groups you may ask to name a few off the head .Bowls ,Badminton, Cycling , Athletics,Pride of Place group. Friendship club ,Active retirement group.Parent and toddler group.An Tobar in Ardbraccan,Pioneer association,Legion of Mary,Athletics club  ,4 Gaelic clubs ,Boyerstown choir, 3 school parents associations,various political parties have also local groups.St Ultans historical group and more to be included in the coming weeks with contacts if you wish to join them .
Beware January1st is the day to get off the rear and commit to something in the parish,ask not what your community can do for you but what you can do for your community in the words of JFK.
This week in the community ,we had Cortown children and Boyerstown children singing Christmas carols and Bohermeen athletic club ended their winter training for juvenile with a Chip party thanks to Ezio,s .There last competition of the year is on Sunday in Dunboyne in the Meath juvenile cross country relays .

On Tuesday night in the community centre 82 people attended a meeting called for St Cuthberts Gaa club juvenile parents and was very constructive to overcome the current uneasiness's with the various Gaelic clubs .
Wednesday night sees the Community cenrte AGM .

Email directly to me and the Seagull will post the message  086-0792580

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