Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Historical Society Fields of Dreams

The 3rd meeting of St Ultans Historical society inc Bohermeen-Boyerstown -Cortown .
Took place in the community centre on monday night Dec 5th at 8pm ,their was a good attendance and those present were given a presentation on the Field name project currently being under taken by volunteers all over Co Meath.
Bohermeen area is only slightly done at present .
The presentation was given by Joan Mullen and was delivered with interest and ease.
Field names you may ask, just imagine looking for the Fairy wee field or Logans paddock, or event Kellys corner .These all and many more recollect those whoose footprints have fallen and stepped before our own on  local green fields. The intention  is to record fields with walls dykes and other unique items of interest.
Locals are sought to help the project contact any member of the historical group,if can help.
Next meeting is in January so over the christmas dig up thiose old photos of parish times past a knock may come to your door retracing our ancestors footprints  

Willie Hodgins chairperson thanked Joan for her attendance

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